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Cavity wall insulation installed in Dunfermline

Cavity Wall Insulation Dunfermline

Cavity wall insulation is one of the best ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. It keeps your home warmer during winter and cooler during summer.

However, insulating cavity walls is not as simple as it seems. Some insulation methods require an expert if you want to get the best from them.

And that is where we come in. We have offered high-quality insulation services for external and interior walls in Dunfermline for several years. Therefore, we understand your needs and how to get them there.

This insulation has many benefits, among them tackling carbon emissions and reducing heating bills. We are here to ensure you get all that and much more at a very reasonable price.

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What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity wall insulation is just like loft insulation, only that now you are working on your home’s exterior walls. You want to ensure the wall is as energy efficient as possible.

A cavity wall is created by two walls. The exterior wall is usually made of brick; the interior wall could be brick or concrete. Metal is used to join the two walls.

Most homes build before the 1920s are more likely to have solid walls. These are single walls without a cavity, made from brick or stone.

Insulating such interior and external walls is a sure way to reduce energy bills. Different methods are used, including adding timber frame to solid walls to create a good insulation space.

Cavity walls insulation includes adding an insulating material between the inner and outer walls of your house or property. The joinery work undertaken here ensures your home is more energy efficient.

Free Cavity Wall Insulation in Dunfermline

A government ECO scheme was set up in Great Britain to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty. If you fit specific criteria, you can qualify for cavity wall insulation. The program extends into offering free loft insulation, among other benefits.

Visit the government ECO scheme website to check your eligibility for free insulation. It could be everything you need to make your home more energy efficient.

Why is this important? The Energy Company Obligation seeks to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing harmful emissions from our homes and commercial properties. It is highly recommended that you join this program to be a part of something greater. You will also realize a huge reduction in energy bills, among other benefits.

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Why is Cavity Wall Insulation Important?

Installing insulation materials between two walls comes with many benefits. Sealing the gap between them ensures the house retains more warm air. Here are reasons why doing that is very important.

Reduces Harmful Emissions

As stated above, roof and wall insulation seek to reduce carbon emissions. These emissions can come from the central heating process of your home when you use conventional methods. The heat escapes through the roof and wall, becoming part of the atmosphere.

It is your job to ensure such emissions are not a problem by insulating your house. This could mean more work on your part, but it’s worth the trouble, especially now that we are combating global warming.

Offer Damp Proofing in Commercial and Residential Properties

Moisture trapped behind cavity walls or in the solid walls of older houses can be quite harmful. It leads to mould growth, which could affect your home’s structural integrity and health risks. The installation of high-quality insulation material like spray foam ensures this does not happen, as it is waterproof. It is a good way to ensure constant fresh air in your home.

Reduce Heat Loss

Over 50% of heat loss in our homes happens through the walls and loft. But you can reduce this effect using wall and loft conversions. A reliable insulation company will do an excellent job in ensuring your home is properly insulated to trap heat.

Different materials are used to offer different levels of insulation. These include spray foam, insulation boards and mineral wool, among others. You can always find the best one based on your budget and specific needs.

Suitable For Home Improvements

Aside from ensuring heat loss remains at the lower level, cavity wall insulation is a great way to increase your property’s value. It can improve the home’s curb appeal and ensure you get a great deal when you decide to sell it. The insulation grants a way to make your house more homely, something you should embrace completely.

Saves You Money & Creates Energy Efficiency

Your home’s energy consumption is dramatically reduced if you use cavity wall insulation giving great energy efficiency. It keeps your home warmer when the cold temperatures heat. And when summer reaches its pick, the insulation keeps your home cooler. This means you spend less energy on heating and cooling, which translates to saving money.

You can save:

  • £70 to £225 per year on fuel costs

  • £330 to £720 per year on typical installation costs.

Aside from that, you save 310 to 1120kg on carbon emissions. The payback period is usually five years, after which you will enjoy a more energy-efficient home.

The Best Cavity Wall Insulation Dunfermline Area

Hiring the best cavity wall insulation company in Dunfermline is extremely crucial. Several companies are in the area, but not all are good.

Consider the following when hiring:

  • Many years of experience. A company that has insulated walls for a long time will always promise the highest standard of services. And that is why we recommend hiring a highly experienced team with a good reputation.

  • Great communication. How does the company handle communication? Does it have many channels and a friendly team to answer all your questions? This should also create the basis of your selection.

  • Professionalism. Find someone who can carry out the project in the most professional manner. That means arriving on the site on time, properly securing your building and cleaning up before leaving.  

  • Transparency. Sometimes it’s hard to know if a service is transparent when they provide private work. However, you can start by checking the contact and other information posted on their website. Also, read the reviews to discover what other people say about the company.

Cavity wall insulation is not just about benefiting the homeowner. It extends to the environment and the surrounding. And that is why it must be done by a professional company. You can’t trust your lovely home to just anyone.

Let Us Help You

Are you ready for your next home improvement project through floor and cavity wall insulation? Call us today, and you will never regret it. We have been serving this region for several years now, and hence, we understand what your home needs.

Our team is highly trained, experienced and equipped to deliver an excellent job. We use the latest technologies for every job and offer the most competent price. Contact us for a free estimate and to schedule the project.

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