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How to Choose the Best Roof Insulation Dunfermline

When winter hits, you want your house to be warm. This means using the AC a lot and spending more money on heating. But you can reduce the costs with a properly insulated roof and cavity walls.

In the UK, over 25% of house heat gets lost via insulated spaces. With the ever-rising energy costs and grants, you can earn pretty fast with a roof and cavity wall insulation.

This guide will help you understand roof insulation and choose the best solution for your home. It is crucial to have an effective product covering your roof to keep heat from escaping.

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What is Roof Insulation?

Loft insulation is just like covering your external walls to reduce heat loss. As stated above, most heat in our homes is lost to the atmosphere when the house is not insulated sufficiently.

Insulation involves installing a material that prevents any heat from escaping. Adding insulation to the roof traps most of the heat, keeping the house warmer.

Roof insulation should not be confused with loft insulation. This is because you can insulate the attic floor alone without using the upper room for storage. This keeps the heat from your rooms from escaping.

It is always important to seek advice from your local insulation installers on the best materials for your roof. This is because some materials promise more energy efficiency than others. And that is the material you want.

Just like insulating solid walls, roof insulation seeks to create a thermal barrier between the inner house and the outside environment. It may not completely stop heat loss, but it reduces the intensity, reducing heating costs in the process.

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Benefits of Roof Insulation

One of the biggest questions we have received from homeowners is whether roof insulation is worth the investment. Well, yes.

Installing a high-quality insulating material reduces heating costs while protecting your roof from the elements. An insulated roof lasts much longer than one without.

Here are other benefits of roof insulation.

Saves You Money

When you notice a surge in the heating bills, you need to check your roof. The heat lost to the environment can be a great way to reduce those costs.

In other words, roof insulation is an excellent way to earn some money. You can earn back your investment much faster when your home is not losing too much heat. Don’t just focus on the initial installation price but on how much you save in the long run.

Create an Effective Vapor Barrier

Aside from reducing energy bills, a well-insulated roof is protected from mould growth. This comes from a joiner work undertaken by the combination of a high-quality insulation material and a vapour barrier.

Vapour barriers can be plastic or silver paper in nature. And then, you can use silicone to seal gaps due to nails or tears, creating a perfect heat trap.

Environmental Impact

Carbon emissions into the atmosphere have been the biggest fuel to ever-threatening global warming. And the main cause of these emissions is the heat from our homes.

By trapping the heat, you are leaving a smaller environmental carbon footprint. In other words, it is one way of creating a greener world.

Roof Insulation Improves Your Home’s Value

A time may come when you want to sell the house and move to another place. Potential buyers will use things like lack of insulation to bargain.

You can sell your property at a very reasonable price if you have roof insulation. Even if you don’t want to sell, your home becomes more functional. It is also a great way to loft conversions – keeping our loft in the best conditions for longer.

Best Roof Insulation Materials and Prices

There are various insulation materials available with different benefits. The choice mainly depends on available space, budget, and roof underlay.

Here are the main types on most homes in Dunfermline.


Glass has been used for ages as one of the best wall and roof insulators. It is lightweight, has a good insulation value and comes at the most competitive price at £10/m² and £20/m² with installation. However, it requires a roof underlay and a vapour barrier on the inside. If properly installed, it promises an excellent job reducing heat loss.

Insulation Boards

Here is another excellent way to reduce fuel expenses on your property. Insulation boards are the perfect option to cover all spaces beneath the floor as efficiently as possible. They offer a high insulation value, costing £11/m² or £20-25/m², including installation. 

Rock Wool

Install rock wool insulation if you want something with a better density than glass wool. The material is made from volcanic rocks melted and spun to create a woolly material. It  

is one of the most effective ways to save money on hitting costs, even though it costs £20/m². The installation will cost you at least £30/m²

Spray Foam

If you are looking for a highly advanced and effective roof insulation material, consider spray foam (PUR). The foam is 100% water sprayed and covers every gap effortlessly by expanding and drying inside the gaps. It will cost you £30/m², but the long-term benefits are worth everything. 

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How to Choose Roof Insulation in Dunfermline

Some insulation materials mentioned above are accessible to DIY, while others need a highly experienced installer. The choice comes down to your specific preference and how warm you want your house to be.

Here are some tips and factors to consider:

Ease of Installation

As stated above, installing some of these materials is much easier than others. So, it matters if you know how you want the process to go. For instance, insulation boards are much easier to DIY, but spray foam will require a qualified person.


Once you establish your installation needs, it is crucial to consider the real value of that material. More expensive materials offer the highest standard of insulation. Also, you may want to consider the fire redundancy of the material. So, quality should always come before the price.

Roof Type

You will easily find the best way to insulate your roof when you know the roof type. This is because the material and the roof determine the final price. Different roofs require different insulation layer thicknesses and have various difficulty levels.

In this case, there are two main categories of roofs:

Pitched Roofs

The insulation is normally installed under the roof from the inside, although some people may install it on the outside. Either way, the end result is the same. If you want your interior finishing to remain the same, choose the exterior option.

Flat Roofs

With flat roofs, you can choose between cold or warm flat roofs. A cold flat roof means insulation from the inside, underneath the roof, to cover the roof construction. It is especially effective with existing roofs. Most people prefer a warm flat roof, though, where the insulation is installed on the outside.

Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend on the insulation project? You can benefit a lot from having a good budget in place because then you can choose the most suitable materials. Insulations that require more work cost more than those that demand less work.

The Roof Size

You can easily fill a large roof with spray foam insulation than with insulation boards. This is because spray foam expands to effectively cover the area. Therefore, you can also consider the roof size to choose the most suitable insulation.

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The Best Roof Insulation Installer in Dunfermline

Finding the right roof insulation installer is extremely important. You cannot just trust anyone with your precious property. And that is why it is highly recommended that you carefully choose your installer.

We have been serving the Dunfermline area for several years now, offering high-quality roof insulations. We use only high-quality materials, completely insulating your roof, loft and walls to keep your house warm.

Here are some of the factors that make us reliable:


When you all us, a customer care representative will quickly pick up the call and answer all your questions. And then, a friendly team will come to ensure the installation is successful and all your concerns have been handled.


A company that has operated for many years promises the most reliable services. It is our job to ensure your space has the best material, convenient just for you. We use our experience to ensure such quality.


Our team uses professional methods to give every customer satisfying results. No matter your needs, we will ensure you have something to make you smile. We have constructed many roofs and installed long-lasting insulations on them for a long time. With all joinery work undertaken at the highest standard, we deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Contact us today and get a free quote. You will be asked to fill out simple foam, giving details about the project before our team comes to check it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Roof Insulation Important?

Roof insulation seeks to trap the heat that escapes through the roof. It does not entirely stop heat loss since some may escape through the doors, windows and flooring, but it reduces the effects. This increases energy efficiency and protects your roof from external elements.

What is the Best Roof Insulation Material?

The choice of insulation material depends on your budget, roof size, and the presence of an underlay. Generally, however, spray foam is the most effective way to insulate the roof. This material is sprayed under the roof, where it expands and dries to create the necessary barrier.

How Much Does Roof Insulation Cost?

The final cost depends on the material you choose and the roof size. Local insulation installers generally charge per square meter. Fibreglass is the cheapest, at £20 per square meter (including installation. Spray foam is the most expensive, starting at £30 per square meter (excluding installation.)

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