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Everything You Need to Know About Spray Foam Insulation Dunfermline

Choosing the right cavity wall and underfloor insulation solution is extremely crucial. You need something to protect your walls and floors while reducing heat loss.

Now there are many types of insulation materials, but the most popular one in Dunfermline is spray foam. Your energy costs will be dramatically reduced if you install this material to seal all the openings, saving you from huge energy costs.

Other insulation methods are more time-consuming than spray foam. Also, there are some that are less effective.

Today, we share everything you need to know about this incredible insulation solution. Keep reading to discover more.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

You may already know about the importance of cavity wall insulation and how it saves you from huge heating bills. But you may not know how the material you choose can affect the real outcome.

Icynene spray foam is a material that has been used widely to offer complete heat insulation. The system involves a series of soft, flexible spray foam compounds that promise over 50% greater energy-saving benefits than other insulation solutions.

If you have a suspended floor, timber kits, and sound rooms that need insulation, icynene is your perfect solution. It delivers advanced external wall insulation that no other material can compare. Its effectiveness extends into eradicating condensation and many other uses.

Spraying the foam in your cavity wall creates a thermal barrier that keeps the outside environment out. As a result, you face less heat loss through the walls and floor.

In terms of effectiveness, many users and insulation experts say spray foam has more to offer than other materials. This is because it expands and spreads over the surface when sprayed. And then it dries up, sealing every opening in its way.

So, if you have unseen spaces in your walls and floors that could release heat, spray foam will get to them for you. It is a modern solution designed with top technology to deliver the ultimate effectiveness. You may never want any other product once you let an expert insulation installer work on your house with this icynene.

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How Does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

Hiring a reputable and experienced insulation company to work on your property is crucial. The company will use a high-end thermal imaging camera to inspect your floor and determine how much insulation it can take.

When icynene is sprayed in a space, it expands and fills up the place completely. This fills up the cavities and voids, creating a sealed room envelope with a thermal barrier and soundproofing features. For instance, you can spray it in your loft space, and it will spread effectively to increase your house’s energy efficiency.

In our experience, we know that air leakage is the number one cause of heat loss, increasing homeowners’ energy bills. This can happen through the roof space, opening in the suspended floor, and many other places. It accounts for over 50% of heat loss in your house.

Icynene offers the most effective sealing solutions for these air escape routes compared to other insulation products. Besides, the material’s unique formulations are 100% water blown, making it safer. It does not contain harmful agents, volatile organic chemicals, HCFCs, HFAs, or formaldehyde, among other harmful chemicals.

As such, icynene is safe to use on wood, bricks, and metal constructions. When sprayed, it conforms to the primary geometry of the space and offers an extensive barrier, reducing air leakage significantly. 

It also minimizes airborne moisture and optimizes energy efficiency.

In summary:

  • The energy-efficient spray foam insulation is sprayed on the space. It expands to 100x its application size, filling up and sealing any air leakage spaces.

  • Sealing the building envelope keeps the heat in your home. It will not stop heat loss completely, but it reduces it significantly.

  • You need expert engineers to install the material safely. DIYing would be more economical, but you may not have the expertise, experience, or tools for the job.

Once the material dries up in the spaces sprayed, it becomes a permanent barrier, creating an effective seal. You will never have to deal with escaping air again.

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Types of Walls that Use Spray Foam Insulation

Choosing the right cavity wall and underfloor insulation solution is extremely crucial. You need something to protect your walls and floors while reducing heat loss.

Now there are many types of insulation materials, but the most popular one in Dunfermline is spray foam. Your energy costs will be dramatically reduced if you install this material to seal all the openings, saving you from huge energy costs.

Other insulation methods are more time-consuming than spray foam. Also, there are some that are less effective.

Today, we share everything you need to know about this incredible insulation solution. Keep reading to discover more.

Types of Walls that Use Spray Foam Insulation

One of the best things about spray foam is that it works with all types of floors. A good installer will know how to make the material work for the specific surface.

The common surfaces in Dunfermline include:


This is a popular material used for floors and walls. However, wood is more vulnerable to mould growth because it traps too much moisture. Icynene does not have corrosive or extreme chemicals that will damage your wood. If anything, it makes it stronger.


Brick walls offer strong protection against weather elements. Unfortunately, it allows air to escape from the house, which you can stop using spray foam.


Metal is an electrical conductor, which means it loses heat faster than other materials. It, therefore, needs more insulation, and there is no better product to provide that than spray foam.


If your house has concrete floors, you should know just how cold they get during winter. This is because they lose heat faster. Besides, your concrete walls may have some spaces where heat will escape. Stop this easily using an effective material like icynene spray foam.


This is one of the materials that are quite sensitive to insulation products. Your PVC pipes under the floor can be easily damaged if you use the wrong materials. Spray foam is a safe solution.

In simple terms, spray foam is a product that will give you effective insulation, no matter your floor. It is used on roofs, floors, doors, and other places requiring insulation.

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Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Choosing the right insulation product is extremely important. Aside from reducing heat loss, it also improves the durability of your walls and floors. And that is why you need to be very careful in your choice.

One way of getting the right material is by looking at its benefits. And here, we have highlighted some of the reasons why icynene spray foam is the ideal solution.

The Cleanest Solution

Most insulation materials harbor airborne germs and collect dust/dirt that can cause issues for your children, pets, and elderly. A house with such materials becomes less habitable for people with allergic reactions.

Spray foam is a high-standard insulation product that creates clean air in your home. The isothane component in the material expands and seals the areas effectively. It does not allow any dirt on your building, nor does your wall attract dirt.

Noise Reduction

Apart from insulating your walls, spray foam creates an excellent noise barrier. Icynene and isothane spray foam materials offer amazing soundproofing benefits, keeping your home quiet.

This is a popular soundproof material in Dunfermline and other areas like Edinburgh. It drastically reduces sounds like music, talking, and other noises from entering your house. It is ideal for music studios and homes located near busy roads.

Mould and Dampness Protection

When moisture piles between the walls, it creates a good atmosphere for moss and mould to thrive. Such things can affect your home’s structural integrity and carry germs that can affect your family members.

A brick, concrete, or wood surface insulated with spray foam does face such issues. The foam does not retain moisture but rather allows water to disperse into the insulation and varnish completely. And because the walls have no moisture, your home is protected.

Putting spray form in those empty spaces also reduces the chances of pest infestation in your home or loft area. Mice, vermin, and other pests will not get spaces to hide, giving you better control.  

Straightforward Installation

Flooring insulation is never easy when you have to pull down almost everything to install the insulation material. This happens a lot with the other materials. And it can take days to complete the project.

Spray foam is easy to install. It can take as little as a day to work on your home or business area. This reduces the cost of installation significantly while ensuring you never have to deal with a damp surface again.

Note, however, this is not always the case, especially when the area is much larger. But still, spray foam is much faster.

Safe and Certified

As stated above, you need a safe insulation material in your house to protect your family members. Spray foam Scotland is recommended as the safest material to insulate business and residential buildings.

This is a non-toxic material certified by recognized bodies in the industry. You can use it to cover holes in your property and never worry about any negative effects.

The Best Warranties

Spray foam is one of the materials that come with long-term warranties in regions like Scotland and Ireland. You can get these benefits by hiring official local installers. So, if you are in Glasgow or Dunfermline, find a licensed installer who can offer than warranty.  

These materials are long-lasting and extremely effective insulators. You can always count on a good installer to get the best from them.

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How To Choose the Best Spray Foam Insulation Dunfermline Company

You should never take chances when it comes to giving your property the best insulation. Properly installed spray foam offers all the benefits mentioned above. But a poor installation does the opposite.

So how do you choose the right installer to protect your home against the elements? Here are a few tips to help you.

Consider their Experience

You will find several local installers in every city. But that does not mean all of them are good. One of the main factors to consider in your choice is their experience.

Someone who has been working for a long time is sure to complete the project much faster. And they use the best approaches. They will have the right team, experience, and tools to complete the task efficiently.

Choose Local Installers

A local builder is more likely to do a quick and high-quality job than someone from far. They understand the local needs much better. Besides, they are easier to access in case of anything.

You may pay less for the job by hiring someone who does not have to travel from far. That should mean something, considering the current economy. Luckily, a reputable company in Dunfermline or Fife is always ready to make your investment worth it.

Customer Support

How does the company handle its customers? Do they have different communication channels that make it easy to access assistance? Is the staff friendly?

These are important questions that will help you get satisfying services. You need a friendly team that is ready to answer all your questions and deliver satisfying results.

Easy Process

We are living in a busy world where every moment counts. Therefore, hiring a service that makes the application and insulation process as easy as possible is crucial.

A good company will have a simple procedure like:

  • Fill out an online form and answer a few simple questions.

  • Receive a call from home advisors

  • Get a free home assessment and estimate

  • Receive highly trained and qualified installers.

And once on the ground, it matters how they carry out the projects. A professional team will carefully remove the carpets to access the floor underside and restore them after. They follow the most professional procedure during the entire process.


We can never emphasize the importance of hiring a licensed and certified insulation installer enough. Such a company provides warranted services and will take responsibility in case of anything.


Insulating your home using spray foam offers you a warm space during winter and a cooler one during summer. This is one of the most recommended materials for residential spaces due to its safety. We hope this guide has helped you understand what it all means and how to choose the right installer.

Contact us today for a high-quality spray foam installation job. We are the most experienced certified insulation installers in Dunfermline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam is a system of soft and flexible products that are sprayed on a surface in liquid foam. It then spreads and expands before drying up and sealing up the space. It is the perfect way to insulate suspended floors, roofs, timber, and other places to keep your rooms warm.

Is Icynene a Reliable Insulation Solution?

Yes. Icynene was first used in Canada in 1986 before finding its way into the UK and other parts of the world. Industry experts have recommended it as a safe and effective solution.

Why Should I Use Spray Foam Insulation?

There are many benefits to spray foam insulation:

  1. It insulates your home, making the upstairs cooler and habitable during summer or warmer during winter.

  2. It is non-toxic, making it safer.

  3. It’s 100% water-blown technology.

In short, it’s a safe product for your home and family.

Where Can I Install Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam can insulate your attic/loft, roof, wall, drylining, suspended timber, timber frame, sound rooms, and commercial/residential spaces.

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