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Introduction to Wall Insulation Dunfermline

The Dunfermline Inner Distribution Envelope System (DIDES) provides most of the wall insulation needs in Dunfermline. This is the world’s most extensive system, serving different consumers with high-end.

The primary form of facade insulation done on the structures is cavity wall insulation. Cavity walls are popular in the UK, and insulating them increases the house’s energy efficiency.

Many people are aware of home improvements for exterior walls but not much about improving insulation. And yet, you may be wondering why your energy bills keep rising. You could have forgotten the importance of checking your external walls.

In this guide, we will share everything you need to know about all insulation and how to get the best from it. This information should help you make your house more accommodating in all conditions.

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What is a Cavity Wall?

A cavity wall is simply a space between two walls. It usually measures 1.2 to 2.4 inches, and it’s where the insulation material is normally set up. The importance of cavity wall insulation is to keep the homes comfortable and safe and reduce heating bills by offering energy efficiency.

A solid wall can have this cavity space to easily install the insulating material. Do not confuse cavity walls with a space between solid walls thought. Sometimes it is just the crawl space or something else.

Cavity wall insulation, just like loft insulation, is installing insulating materials between the walls. It aims to reduce heat loss and balance the air inside your home. So, instead of losing the warm air to the environment, most of it stays inside, keeping the room warmer.  

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Benefits of Wall Insulation in the Dunfermline Area

Wall insulation is one of the most important features to consider when making home improvements. Installing the highest quality between the walls creates a thermal barrier that keeps cold and warm air outside your house.

Here are the benefits you get from such insulations.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Research shows that many homeowners spend more energy during hot and cold months. More energy is required to heat or cool the air. This can increase your monthly expense significantly.

But you will need less energy when your home can sustain itself. Your heating bills can be dramatically reduced as the insulation keeps your home warmer. It’s all thanks to cavity wall insulation.  

Keep Your House Warm

No one can withstand a cold house when winter hits. The freezing temperatures make it seem as though you are outside, which can even make you sick.

A high-standard wall insulation installation will do an excellent job for you. It seals any gap between the walls to prevent heat loss, keeping your home warmer.

Save Money

We are living in a tough economic time where people carry heavy bills. You can always use something that reduces some of these expenses. Good cavity wall insulation could be everything you need to reduce those energy bills and save some money.

You can save up to 50% of these expenses when your building is properly insulated. Even though more heat will escape through the doors and windows, insulating your walls reduces it significantly. The initial investment might seem a bit overwhelming, but the house will pay itself in the long run.

Reduce Damp Walls

Houses that are not properly installed face mould threats. Moisture is trapped between the wall structures, creating a suitable atmosphere for bacteria to thrive. And if the masonry is not stable, these issues can affect your home’s entire structural integrity.

Wall insulation materials like spray foam do not absorb water. They allow it to flow and vanish, keeping your walls dry at all times. You will never have to deal with the effects of mould growth.

Prevent Pests

Insects and pests like hiding and playing in the cavity space. They can damage your walls and force you to install new ones, which could be costly.

You seal off these spaces by installing insulation, denying rats and mice access. It is the best way to control them and keep your home safe.

Reduce Carbon Foot Print

Carbon emissions have become the biggest threat to our environment. It happens when heat is released from our homes into the atmosphere. We are facing global warming because of such emissions.

Insulating your wall keeps this heat inside the house, reducing the carbon footprint. And because of this, we can look forward to a greener environment. Besides, cavity wall insulation uses non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.

Protect Your Walls

Cavity wall insulation can make a board wall more durable. It might not be as durable as a brick wall, but it lasts longer. The insulation protects it from moisture and mould, which are the main causes of dry rot that damage walls.

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Free Wall Insulation

The ECO program is a government energy efficiency scheme that Great Britain set up to help combat carbon emissions and handle fuel poverty. Anyone who qualifies for the program can get free upgrades and have their homes insulated easily.

Whether you are a homeowner or living on a rented property, you can get this government boost. The program also aims to increase awareness about issues caused by heat emissions.

Who Qualifies for The ECO Service?

Anyone on the following benefits automatically qualifies for the free insulation program:

  • Disability Living Allowance

  • Attendance Allowance

  • Carer’s Allowance

  • Severe Disablement Allowance

  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits

  • Income Support

  • Pension Guarantee Credit

  • Child Benefits

  • Any other similar benefits.

You can get more information from the ECO Scheme program website. Or you can contact us any time, and we will be happy to assist you.

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How to Get Wall Insulation

Are you looking for the best cavity wall insulation service in the Dunfermline area? We have got you covered.

Our company has been offering these services across the region for many years. We have constructed many walls and completed a wide range of wall insulation projects over the years. We aim to become the to-go-to company when you need such services.

Why Choose Us?

Research shows that around 1/3 of heat loss in our homes is through the wall. That means you can easily save up £280 with good wall and floor insulation. However, this is only possible if you leave your property to the most experienced team.

And we are that team.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

  • Highly trained and experienced team. Our team has the tools and expertise to deliver a good job. Trust us when we say we are the most experienced company in these services.

  • Customer satisfaction. We will not only have the insulation installed properly; our team will remain behind and answer all your questions until you are fully satisfied. Most of our customers are repeat referrals because we have always done remarkable jobs.

  • Great customer support. We have the most comprehensive customer support system in place. A friendly team is always ready to receive your call and answer any questions you may have. We believe in great communication as the best way to give every customer personalized service.

  • We use modern technology. Our company has invested in modern technology to ensure our customers get the best this industry can offer. This makes every task efficient and highest quality.

Contact us today, and let us schedule your next wall insulation project. We make the process as simple as possible so that you don’t struggle and feel comfortable with our teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wall Cavity Installation?

A wall cavity is a space between two walls where you can set an insulation material. Insulating this area helps to prevent heat loss and keeps your house warmer. At the same time, it reduces energy bills.

How Do I Book Wall Insulation?

It is very simple. Fill out a simple form on our website, and answer a few simple questions. An insulation specialist will then call you to schedule an inspection date and also book the installation. Or you can just call us to schedule directly.

What Are the Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation?

The biggest advantage of wall insulation is the reduced heating bills. That means you can save a lot of money when your house has a sustainable warming system. Even though some heat can escape through the doors and windows, wall insulation reduces this effect.

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